Renew license

My license expired 4-6-2015. How to renew the license? Thanx!

Hello Leo,
free licenses are renewed automatically, you do not need to worry about it.

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But the license expired on 4-6-2015. It is time to renew?

Hi Leo,
it did not expire, as I said, they are renewed automatically. Your license is still active.
May I ask why you believe it is expired? Do you encounter any issue with eM Client?

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Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your patience.

When i in Emclient choose for Help > license, i read in the third row (on Durch)  ‘verloopdatum’ It means on Dutch the expiration date. I think you mens on this place the the date of license. In that case uou switch in the Dutch version the word ‘verloopdatum’ to ‘activeringsdatum’. Ans that is the end of misunderstanding.

Thanks and have a graet day!

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Leo Bolle

Hi Olivia,

This community works extremely fine!

Thanks a lot for your support!

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