Renaming Calendars and other problems

Just having moved from Thunderbird and Lightning as that has ‘collapsed’, and though initially impressed with eM Client, I am having some set-up difficulties. I can’t add an additional Google calendar having added it on my Google calendar web page without deleting my account and re-importing it. To change the calendar colour I have to change it on the Google Web page and it defaults to that and can’t be changed within eM Client. I can’t Change the calendar name in eM Client and can’t see what to change on the Google page for it to default to a different name. Calendar entries are shortened to fit in box but overwrite the category colour block which is annoying.
Little things I know, but hopefully I can get round them by doing something I have missed, or the program can be tweaked to allow me to do so.


can you describe be step by step how are you trying to achieve this? If I try to add new calendar under Gmail account I go to leftside bar - click on calendar - right click on gmail email address - New calendar… there I can name it and set proper colour.

it will show up in gmail webinterface after a while.

it does not work for you like this?

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I perhaps did not explain myself very well. I am wanting to connect to an existing Gmail calendar so ‘new’ in eM Client but existing within Google. I add it, via sharing it, to my Google calendar but the only way I have found to add this to eM Client is to delete my account and re-import it along with all linked calendars (including the new one). A ‘synchronise’ option might solve this . I also can’t see any way to link to other calendars via iCal or CalDev. so I don’t seem to be able to add a read only Tide tables calendar.

Having imported a shared Google calendar as above it seemed to randomly be named by the users name or email address (even when both are available when looking at the Google Calendar web page) and renaming within eM Client works for only a few seconds then it reverts to the first name. Colours also have to be what has been selected within Google. For a while I thought this was firewall related as turning it off seemed to help, but this is not 100% and my own calendar does not even have the option to rename. Then the calendars I seemed to have succeeded in changing the name of, all reverted after a restart :frowning:

The overwriting of the category colour patch is also a bit of a pain.

I hope this explains my problems more clearly


this looks still a bit too complicated but I have been able to get thought that you want to edit shared calendar.
That is not possible as shared calendar will have locked properties from account you have shared it with.

If this is not your issue, can you please write it as simple as you can step by step? less is more in this case :slight_smile:

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OK, I will try again as I don’t want to edit shared calendars :slight_smile:

  1. I have a Google calendar which shares several other peoples Google calendars.
    If I import my Google account all their calendars appear in eM Client. If I share another Google calendar within Google I can see it on Google’s web page but I don’t know how to add it to eM Client apart from deleting my entire account and reimporting it again, when it appears.
  2. To produce the problem another way. If I delete one of my shared calendars in eM Client, it also disappears from Google’s web page. I can add it back to the Google web page easily, but how do I then get it back onto eM client without having to delete and restore my entire account again as above.
  3. It would seem any alterations made in eM Client affects the “My Calendars” section of Google calendar. Importing my account from scratch also imports the “Other Calendars” section but once there, while you can remove them, you can’t import more ‘other calendars’ that are added within Google after that initial import of the full account.
  4. Finally, my “other calendars” within Google are all named as first and second names eg Richard Yorke. Having imported my account and looking at them within eM client, I have 2 capitalised names, one all lower case, and 5 email addresses. If I try to rename them to appear as in Google they rapidly revert to the initial mixture.