remove online calendar info?

I tried putting in a google calender under the online calendars section. It failed, but now I keep getting errors. I can’t seem to find this url in the settings so that I can make it stop. How do I do this?

Go to the Calendars section and right-click on the Internet Calendar and remove it.

Then go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Then select Calendar > Google Calendar.

This doesn’t work. Google calendar is fine. I have an smtp account and I tried to put in a url that was incorrect. this now bounces constantly and I have to remover about a dozen errors a day. That url is not found in the calenar area. I already checked that.

Go to your Calendar section.

Do you see a section called Internet Calendars?

I found it. You needed to tell me however that clicking the SELECT button is also EDIT, so maybe change that name-I would never have thought to look under a select button for something already selected-especially when I couldn’t see it. Thank You!!