Remove message from server when deleted from Inbox

Currently there are 3 possible ways of handling messages for POP3 account:

  1. Leave a copy of messages on the server (or not)
  2. Remove messages from server after x days
  3. Remove messages from server when deleted from “Deleted” folder.

I’m missing additional option to delete message from server when it is deleted from Inbox.

My scenario:
At work I got mailboxes configured both at PC and smartphone. Same accounts as sometimes I need to go out.
When I’m in my company and some not important message will arrive to eM Client - I’m removing it from Inbox. It will go to “deleted” folder, but in fact it is not deleted yet on server and thus same mail which I deleted will arrive again on my smartphone.
To avoid additionally receiving same mail I need to clear Deleted folder which is additional task.

This would no be needed if there would be fourth option to handle messages - to delete them from server if they are deleted just from Inbox.

Hi Conrad,
this is an interesting idea, but may I just ask - do you have this address set up as IMAP on your phone?
Because if you need to have this address synchronized on both of these devices, it would make much more sense to keep both of the devices synchronized as IMAP, the POP setting in this scenario seems redundant.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer. I’m using IMAP on mobile device, but cannot switch to it on PC because I got gigantic local mail archive which I don’t want to synchronize, but also I don’t want to move messages to Local Folders (3 accounts, too much work to moving messages around).

In fact it’s even more complicated, because I got overally 3 devices:

  1. PC with POP3 and archive, 3 accounts
  2. Smartphone with IMAP, without archive (there are no messages at server), 2 accounts
  3. Laptop with POP3 and local archive with 7 accounts and important thing here - all messages here are downloaded and removed from all accounts/servers (so I’m not keeping messages at server).

Only 1 and 2 are working side by side at day (10am to 6pm), I’m running third device (laptop) at evening to download everything and clear all servers.

This complicated setup give me:

  • at PC I got archive which is local & not synchronized with server, but messages stay on server to be downloaded at evening to laptop
  • at mobile IMAP, almost OK, but with eM Client at PC need to delete not needed messages two times (to “Deleted” folder and from it) or I will receive them at mobile (sometimes mobile is faster, for this I got no solution yet :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • at laptop I got complete archive which is local & not synchronized with server and messages are donwloaded & removed from server, but only at evening (so no conflict between PC and smartphone and on PC I still got messages from working hours)

Craziness, but I get used to such setup. Force of habits is the strongest one :wink: Suggested idea is not a critical need, but it would improve dealing with messages without any drastical changes in setups :wink:

Best Regdars,

Hi Conrad,
wow, what a setup!
Thank you for the explanation, as this gives us a better idea how this added option could be useful.
Our developers will consider this addition when they go through the forum looking for needed improvements.

Best wishes,