Remove mail from server after emptying eM Client Trash folder

I have a support ticket going right now about this issue and I’m wondering if anyone else has observed it with eM Client 7.

The settings for my POP3 client include 1) keeping mail on the server and 2) deleting it from the server after it is moved to the eM Client Trash folder and then the Trash folder is emptied. This was the setup I had when I used the (now-ancient) Eudora program. It worked exactly as expected for years. But with eM Client, the routine isn’t working consistently. At the moment, I have to log onto my email server’s web-mail service and remove unwanted messages manually, which is time-consuming.

The routine does work as expected if I delete messages immediately after reading them.

But it isn’t working if there are messages I make copies of — before removing them. The procedure:

  1. Copy a message from Inbox to some other folder within eM Client. Now the message is both in Inbox and in the other folder.
  2. Delete the message from Inbox.
  3. Empty the Trash folder.

With eM Client, messages are not being removed from the server. Something about the interim step (copying) seems to prevent eM Client from giving the “remove from server” command the next time I check for mail.

A three-year-old thread in this forum suggests that POP3 doesn’t work “that way” — that you must switch on the “delete after ‘x’ days” functionality within eM Client.

But the same POP3 account did  work exactly “that way” with Eudora and with Eudora’s “delete after ‘x’ days” setting disabled.