Remove incorrect email addresses from the contact's security tab

My import of a contacts.csv file placed some data in the wrong places. Some contacts have phone numbers showing up as email addresses on the security tab but not under email addresses for that same contact. How do I remove the false email addresses from the security tab?

Hi, could you tell me what version of eM Client do you use? And from what program you have imported your data?

Could you make screenshot of this issue and post it here for me?


I use emClient 6.0.19714.0 and the data was imported from Palm Desktop by Access v 6.2.2 and from Windows Live Mail version 2009. I cannot post the screenshot because it contains private information that could be used in identity theft, however, I can tell you that under the emClient Security tab of this Contact, the left column contains two email addresses and a telephone number and the right column contains a green checkmark and “identification” but no certificates. In addition, those entries in the left column appear to make it impossible to make any changes to this Contact.

It is hard to image this issue without image, but I understand you that you dont want to share it.

Could you at least tell me what provider (for synchronizing contacts) do you use? ̈Have you tried our newest released version… ?

Could you (if you have access) check webmail interface if those contacts are messes there as well?