Remove / Hide Account- and Local-Folders (except the one i have created)

As stated in the title i would like to remove / hide my account- and local folders. Due to the fact that i am only using the global folder (smart folder) and my own created folder i have no need for the account-folders.

For clarification i have attached an image.

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Unfortunately you cannot hide the account folders - those ending in

You can hide all of the Local Folders by going to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and untick Show Local Folders. If there are just a few folders you want to hide, right-click the folder and choose Hide

Ah to bad. At least i can hide a few folders from the local folder. I was not aware of that. Thank you.

Maybe a suggestion for a future version of the software. Maybe there are other people out there who do not need the individual account-folders.

Otto, it is not that easy to do with IMAP or Exchange accounts, because all eM Client does is provide a cached copy of what is on the server. Some accounts like Gmail allow you to hide individual folder from IMAP, so they will not show at all in eM Client. But the main account folder . . . What can you do? 

With POP3 it is possible because you can use Local Folders as a combined folder set for all of your accounts. There will only be one set of folders for your 5 accounts. But then there is the difference between POP3 and IMAP, so it may not be suitable for everyone to do that.

Thank you for clarification of that subject!