Remove formating/Unformatted text insert

I’m testing EM client before I plan to buy multiple licenses for our company, but, I don’t know if I’m missing something or if it’s just really isn’t there/working really poorly.

When I insert some text from web page/word etc. (very often) it has original formating so I would expect that if I select text and press “Remove formating” (little eraser icon above text editor) it will remove all formating and converts text to default (font, color size…), but in many cases it will remove color but it leaves text size without changes (or just resize it slightly but not match the rest of the text). It is highly frustrating because only option that I have after this is either manually change text or, copy text > Press “Menu”>“Insert”>“Text…” past my text in there and insert it over original.

So either please make “Remove formating” work reliably/describe how it’s actually working. Or give us quick shortcut/icon for inserting unformatted text.

I have default text set to “Calibri; 10pt”

Then I go for example to Ebay homepage (

copy title “Today’s Featured Collections”

and when I paste it to EM client and use “remove formating” i’m left of with bold Calibri 15pt

When I use it again then i get non bold Calibri 15pt

and then it just keep switching between bold/non-bold

This is really not the way how I would assume this function should work.