"Remove data from previous versions" just what exactly which "data" does this refer to?

About a couple of months ago, I decided to upgrade from v6 to v7, saving v6 data in case I wanted to go back to previous version.

I now wish to remove old v6 data, in Settings > Storage > Remove old data button, perhaps it will speed up the client. 

Anyways, does anyone know just what exactly is meant by “old data” in the dialog box? Does this refer to just old v6 program or also data such as emails, accounts, etc? 

Has anyone lost any mail or had a bad experience removing old data? 

What if I leave it there? What about future updates/upgrades, what happens to that 'old data" still laying around since upgrade to v7?


Hello Alberto,
‘old data’ just means the previous version database files.
Nothing that is already available in your version 7 will be removed, as those databases are separate.
You can install version 7 updates even with the v6 database files still present.


Thanks Olivia for responding to “both” questions, shows you took the time to read :slight_smile:

Well, I deleted “old data” and everything went well, thank you; I was waiting for some official response.