i have problems with em client. I have two accounts and everything work fine. But last week one account stop accept new post from server. It writes error - SQL logic error or missing database table remoteuids already exists.
I search in this forum, but I havent found answer. Please can you help me solve this problem. I have thousends of email sorted in 20 directories and I dont want to do it again. And without working client is it bad. 

thank you

Fedor Vogel

Hello Fedor,
eM Client cannot access or find your database files.
Have you changed the default location of your database perhaps?
If not, can you make sure the permission to C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client is not set to read only?
Do you have any backups of your database?

I am having the identical problem – program will not collect email with the following error message: “SQL logic error or missing database file 'RemoteUids” already exists. I have not changed my storage directory and the permissions to the storage directory (which is the default) is not set to “read only.” In addition, my attempt to “repair” the installation with the most current installation file comes back “jaDbBackupResourcesFile” missing from

Can anyone help?