eM was not able to reach server to update - now it is working offline…

I dont understnd that because it was able to sent emails ----

???  How can I update eM?

Hi Tine, not completely sure what you’re referring to, are you seeing any errors?
If the application can not connect to the licensing server, this would mean you might be using some security software on your computer that disables the application’s ability to connect to Port 80 or

Make sure your computer can access this website or the needed port to check your license with the licensing server.

If the application can not connect within 14 days, the application will automatically switch to offline mode.


Thanks, yes I think that is the problem, but what is to do now?

Thank you!

What is the login for that?


Hi Tine, as a free license user you’re not entitled to access the licensing system. To enable license verification on your computer, make sure no restrictions are disabling access to the website and the HTTP port.

Thank you,