Reminders window eM Client for Mac

Is there a way to bring back the calendar reminder system of emClient 7 in Mac? I have seen that there is a way to recover this in Windows… what about Mac users? I liked the version 7 reminder system with that very clear window appearing with all the reminders of the calendar.

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I know using eM Client for Windows if you close the reminders window manually and it doesn’t come back up, I just completely close eM Client and then reopen EMC & within approx a minute or so the reminder window then appears again. I don’t know of a way to force the reminder window to open.

Thank you for the replay. However, the problem with eM client 8 for Mac is that the window with the reminders that appeared in version 7, just does not appear. It was a window of the application itself, it was not a notification from the operating system. That is what I would like to get back, if version 8 allowed it.

Yes the eM Client (application reminders window) (not the notification from the o/s) normally by default will re-appear when you close and reopen the program after a short time like in V7.

If it doesn’t, then that sounds like a bug unless eM Client has changed that in V8 for Mac which would be very unlikely.

Check that you have the latest version of eM Client for Mac at Release History | eM Client Currently latest is V8.1.1060.0

Check to in eM Client Settings (Notifications) area where eg: (In the Windows version) you can enable or disable the System O/S Notifications which could be the cause of that problem in V8. See if there is an option like that on the Mac eM Client.

Thank you again. I have now the latest version V8.1.1060, but the application reminders window still does not appear at all. There is no option of disabling system O/S notifications in the eM Client Settings. I have tried to unable system notifications for eM client from the system preferences pannel, and indeed the system notifications disappear, but the eM client reminders window continues not appearing.

Ah ok. Hopefully then someone from eM Client support can advise if this is a bug or not.