Reminders on read-only calendar events

How can I set a calendar event reminder locally, i.e. so that it just pops up a notification on my local computer when the time comes, and does not sync anything with the server?

It is especially needed for events in read-only calendars, because if you try to set a notification there, it crashes the whole calendar trying to sync the reminder to the server, and you need to repair the cache.

You can’t set reminders or edit read-only events in any way.

You can create an event in the Local Folders calendar, and that will be fully read/write, and it doesn’t sync with anything.

If Local Folders are not visible below your other calendar folders, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. Click on Save & Close to save the setting.

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Thanks for the info, Gary.

Would it be very difficult to add this feature? It feels like a reasonable thing, to wish to be reminded about an event in a shared calendar.

Or, alternatively, at least remove the option from the context menu, so that people who try to set the reminder don’t need to be faced with crashing and repairing the whole calendar? I saw around the forum that many people are struggling with this.