Reminders not working

Hi, Am I missing something please. I have set many reminders in Calendar over many months. Not once have I received a reminder. Any help would be appreciated. I am using Version 8 Premium.


Which calendar acct are you using ? Is it an online IMAP type calendar.

Hi Cyberzork,
Thanks for the reply

eM says it is using Might this have been an automatic selection as I have no recollection of being asked to imput calendar details.


Yes the Gmail Calendar is automatically added when you use the “Automatic account” setup wizard and you click “Allow” on your Google account when the web browser opens near the end to authorize.

As none of your Calendar event reminders have ever worked, I would suggest either the “Google authorization” part hasn’t worked properly somewhere for the Calendar when the account was initially setup, or you might “have an older version” of eM Client and it needs updating.

So first check that you have the latest version - . If there is a later version, backup your current version via “Menu / Backup” before you upgrade.

If you already have the latest version or upgrading still didn’t make any difference, i would suggest to “Remove” your current Google / Gmail account in eM Client and reset up as new via the “Automatic Acct Setup Wizard” again. Make sure you click the “Allow” button when the browser pop’s up near the end.

Hi Cybezork,

Thank you I will give that a try.