Reminders not working!

I see many people have this problem. Reminders for Tasks and Meetings are not working. You set them to remind on a specific date and nothing happens when  that day and time arrives. Does support not look at these forums?

eM Client do occasionally comment but mostly this is a user community support forum. If you have a Pro License, you can get VIP support at

Thx Gary, I do have a Pro License, but last time they took 4 days to reply to my query, so was hoping for a quick solution on the Forums.

Maybe later when the US wakes up you will get some help. :slight_smile:

Hope so. Just checked my first ticket I sent them, it tokk them exactly 48 hrs to respond. 4 days was a bit of an exageration, it was 2 days.

So the solution was to install the latest version which support sent me. Version 7.1.31658.
This contained a bug-fix for this issue.
They say it will be released to the public soon.

Excellent news!!