Reminders not popping up

I’m on em client, version 7.2.34959.0.  My calendar reminders aren’t popping up.  For an event coming in just 2 minutes from now, the event has a reminder for 15 minutes before the event.  My settings -> calendar -> general -> default reminder is set to 15 minutes and applies to all folders.

This happens for events I create and for events other people create.

Also, perhaps related, under general -> notifications, the “reminder” option doesn’t have a little icon for ‘show popup windows’ next to it.  When I click on it, an error comes up, “Sorry, but this option is not available for this item.”

I keep missing important calendar items because the reminders aren’t working.  Can anyone help?  I’d really appreciate!  Thanks!


Hello Chris,

Are you using the system notifications? Please check the Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Notifications id you use the option to disable notifications when the main window is opened and if you’re using the system notifications.


Hi Russel, thanks for the help.  I’m not using system notifications.  On the general -> notifications page, none of the check boxes are checked.  (Not hiding popup window after x seconds, not disabling notifications when in fullscreen, not disabling notifications when in main app (sound and popup) and not using system notifications).

Other ideas?