Reminder Window Crashing eM Client

I have one event that I cannot dismiss.  When the reminder window comes up for this event, everything I do to clear it crashed eM Client.  I’ve tried the X to close the window, dismiss the individual event, and dismiss all.  Other events have popped up reminders and I am able to dismiss those but this one hangs around and won’t dismiss.  The only thing I can do to continue to use the application is to minimize the windw.  It sounds like it is similar to a previous post.  I have linked that here:

I have screen shots below and also have the error log if needed.

Hello Jason,
when the crash report shows up, click the ‘Show’ button to open the detailed crash report.
Copy this report and send it to with a link to this forum thread.

Issue has been resolved by installing an internal update - next official update will include fix to this problem.