Reminder problem with calendar

When I change the reminder time for a calendar item in eM Client it always sets the value to 0 minutes in the entry but doesn’t show 0 minutes in eM Client. So if I set the reminder time to say 30 minutes (from the default 1 hour I have set) in eM Client it will show as 30 minutes but gets set to 0 minutes in I tried deleting and adding the account back but it doesn’t fix the issue. 
Everthing works ok from other calendar clients on my phones etc.
(I re-posted this from about 4 months ago as, having had no replies before, I hoped it might have been fixed with the latest update but it’s not.)

Hi Frank.

This only happens when the account is setup with the Automatic Setup in eM Client. This uses the AirSync protocol. When setup as an Exchange account, which uses EWS, there is no problem with changing the reminders.

That’s solved it. Many thanks, Gary.