Remember page setup settings?

When printing e-mails, my eM Client copy continuously prints on 100% of the page, i.e. without any margins. I can change it by manually setting margins using “Page settings” in the “Print Preview” screen and then it works fine but only for a particular message.

When printing another message the previously set margins are reseted to 0 and the printout again takes 100% of the page.

Is there a way to make eM Client remember page settings? I’ve found no separate settings / options to do so apart from above-mentioned “Page settings” dialog.

Resolved with support’s help!

For those that may suffer from similar problem, here’s the solution. eM Client uses Internet Explorer’s print settings. If you don’t use IE and never launched its page settings, do so and they will get reflected in eM Client.

I have no idea why it works but it is simply enough to do so… If you use IE, I believe you won’t have such a problem.