Remember collapsed "Sorted by Flag"

Dear team,

I have my mails for multiple accounts “sorted by Flag”, but sometimes I collapse the flagged ones in order to focus on only the new ones. It happens that when I switch from this “collapsed flagged” account to another, and later back, the collapsed are expanded again. Any chance eM could remebder collapsed/expanded sorting? It gets really annoying, as I am using this feature a lot! I understand, that if others not using it the same way, and/or it is difficult to implement, this could receive a low priority, but I found also this ideas from 2017 (Ideas for comming versions - #3 by raven66) mentioning a similar feature, and I also wrote to VIP support on this over one year ago and was told this will be added on the feature wishlist. Has this been done? Could you please consider this feature?

All best and thanks in advance!

Anybody from eM support team on this?