Reload tray-minimized client

When the client is minimized to the tray, it can be reloaded to the front screen by i) clicking the tray icon or ii) using the shortcuts in desktop, taskbar or start menu. The former immediately shows the main program, but the latter has a tiny delay like 0.5 sec. For me it looks like the latter initially tries to launch the program, finds an already-running instance, ceases the launching and load the instance shown in the tray; it’s just guessing… Anyone has an idea about this issue?

Shouldn’t really be any difference in remaximizing / reloading time anyway you do it.

I personally haven’t seen any noticeable delay remaximizing / reopening eM Client using the latest 8.2x versions with 8GB Ram, i7 CPU & SSD drive.

Generally any delays opening programs minimised or not, is normally to do with the eg: OS as well as the CPU / Ram / Hard-disk access and what other background programs are running at the time.