release candidate - combining emails in inbox

When emails ‘appear’ to be related it combines them and puts an icon over on the right side of the inbox with a number in it.
I don’t remember the earlier version I had doing this and it’s really annoying. I have a lot of emails that are from the same senders but are NOT related so when it combines them into a single view, it makes it really hard for me to find older ones that I want to see without going through them all.
How can I turn this ‘feature’ off.

Found it (I think) :

Menu->View->Conversations->Disable Conversations.

I’m glad you found it, but please be aware that conversation mode is more than just grouping emails by sender. It also utilizes message ID and subject (I think), so the groups should relate to one conversation string.

Conversations is a feature that has been requested for years and it should really only combine relevant conversations depending not only on sender, but on Subject and Message ID.
Glad you found the correct way to disable it, since it didn’t suit your needs.