release candiate - only downloads emails when I open them

I seem to recall that the previous ver would download the complete email each time it synced to the servers. The release candiate only seems to download the title and does not downbload anything until  click on the titme in my inbox.
This causes a delay in opening/viewing the email which is annoying since it could quite easily download the complete thing when it syncs (it used too!).
How can I enable this, cannot find anything in settings that implies I can?

I only purchased EmClient after MS said they were dropping support in outlook for hotmail etc and that I had to switch to their crappy mail app on Win 10. I really liked the previous version I had but this not new release candidate, Not so much. Thinking of going back to MS and buying Outlook 2016.

‘Might’ have found it.


Click on IMAP for each account and enable the check boxes for ‘Offline’

Hello Dave,
eM Client never lost any functionality of the previous version 6, but many new things are coming with version 7, so just poking around in settings should always work out :slight_smile: Setting to download content for offline use on IMAP accounts will indeed download the full message (contrary to only downloading headers, which makes the sync process faster and saves space on your computer). This has been the same in version 6.