Relaunching causes crash

I have just updated to v9 (9.0.1317 (aa3aaca)) from v8. I’m using option to minimize and close to tray and also global Windows keyboard shortcut to launch eM Client. Also I was able to bring already launched eM Client with this shortcut back to front (already launched instance) with v8 but now I only get this crash
Is there any way how to overcome this or maybe global hotkeys support within eM Client itself?
Thank you

I’m using global Windows keyboard shortcut to launch eM Client.

What global keys are you using to re-launch eM Client from the tray ? as sounds like it’s not reopening it correctly again with V9 after minimizing it.

From what ive tested today in V9 “if you use minimize to tray or close to tray” option in eM Client you can only reopen it manually “using the Mouse” by clicking the icon in the tray. Cannot find any Global eM Client shortcut keys to reopen it from the Tray. I think you would need to use some third party program.

I’m using Ctrl+Alt+E. Afaik it’s not mapped globally to something else and this setup was working with v8.
Also no 3rd party application is needed. This shortcuts are default options in Windows for many years but 3rd party applications can also be used.


But from you are saying this must be some kind of bug in eM Client v9 which is not handling properly reopening of the same application instance :frowning:

Example of application allowing mapping of global hotkeys / shortcuts is for example Winamp.


Ok i tested an eM Client shortcut with Ctrl + Alt + E keys setup in Windows 11 with the latest V9.1317 using Minimize to Tray and Close to tray “as you advised” and that does restore eM Client no problems.

There is a few seconds delay before it does re-open , but reopens “with no errors” for me using a stock Windows 11 21H2 / Build 22000.527

It looks like PC restart was needed after updating v8 to v9. Now it’s working without crashing and I hope it will be in the future.
But also global hotkeys section as in Winamp would be nice - directly launching Calendar, Tasks etc.
Thank you for help.

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