Relase date for version 5.0 ?


I Would like to buy Pro version of em client, but i see in forums that version 5 will be released soon.

Do you have a relase date for v5.0 ?

If i buy v4.0 now, my license will works with v5.0 or i will must buy a new one ?

the beta version is scheduled to be released in a few days/ a week. If you purchase the PRO license now, you will get one year of upgrades so it will work with the version 5.0 as well as with all the following versions.

Great, many thanks.

Do you have any information available on what new features will be in 5.0?

It will contain two brand new features - Archiving and Backup function; furthermore, we completely changed the user interface and implemented lots of other fixes and features.

If I buy the PRO version now, will I be able to get version 5 beta?

Yes - contact me at

Will it have conversation view of emails and Gmail labels?

Unfortunately not, we did not make it because of lot of other scheduled features.

no conversation view? thats a shame hence i will have to look for an alternative… :frowning: will it come with version 5.1 or so or when is it scheduled to?

Yes, you can expect this feature in the version 5.5.

Will the 5.0 Beta be available publicly or restricted to a closed beta tester group?

We will post here a link for download so it will be available for everyone on this forum.

Excellent thanks for the reply. Do you have any better idea yet as to when the beta will become available?

Any update on this?

Still working on it.

It is supposed to be released today, isn’t it ?
I’m looking forward !

I am very sorry, but our developers are still working on it. They have to finish a few last things :wink:
It will definitely be released next week.

Certainly for good things !
Thank you

So is the beta release still on track for the week of October 15?