rejection message

I now find that I cannot send an email as it rejects all sent message as spam.  It is not the Telstra server as the webmail function does not reject messages.  I cannot find a setting that will fix this.   PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi John.

Maybe one of the solutions in this thread may help…

Thanks, it did not help but caused me to look further and I eventually found the problem.  Actually I feel a bit foolish but here is what happened.  The problem must have happened because I did actually attempt to send a email with spam content.  I got the old African “We have an unclaimed bequest” email and tried to forward it on to my bank’s hoax reporting division.  The email; was rejected so I deleted it and thought no more about it.  I then got the same message every time I tried to send any more emails.
I eventually found that these emails were stored in the outbox under “local folders”, I never use local folders so that is why I never look at it.  What must have happened is this:-  The email server I use using IMAP protocol does not have an “outbox”, sent emails go directly to the “sent” folder.  When Emclient could not send the email it must have looked for the “outbox” on the server and, not finding it, put it into the outbox under local folders.  Every subsequent time I tried to send another email it was also put into the outbox as the app was busy trying to continually send the offending message first.  Deleting the offending message removed the problem.
Just shows, look thoroughly before escalating the problem.
I hope this helps someone subsequently.

Thanks for the feedback and detailed description .
plus finding the problem yourself…
You did better than most…

BTW - I’ve given up reporting those messages, because those spammers
change their servers very often.
Of  course it’s about the content but these scams are now widely known…

I must be worth about 95 million $ when I add it all up  teehee
I  used to save them in my Million $ folder …

FYI, eM Client only uses the local folders for the outbox.  This is normal behavior.  It is very possible that the server did reject the email, as IMAP is completely different than the webmail protocols.  eM Client does not have the capability to stop an outgoing spam message.