Reinstall eM Client

I cannot reinstall because I cannot delete the existing version. Why?
Em client stopped working. Tried to reinstall but all I get is “Older version of eM Client cannot be removed. Contact technical support”

jueves 23 diciembre 2021 :: 1529hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Robert12

Have you done what the message says and contacted technical support?

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By “delete” do you mean UNINSTALL?

I have performed an Uninstall but I cannot reinstall because its says it has not uninstalled properly.

Do you still see eMC in the Windows apps & features list?

No, it has all disappeared. When I try to reload I get the following message

Where are you getting the “reload file” from?

Download from em Client website

I see the “contact tech support” message, but am unable to read all the messages listed prior in your screen shot… language issue. They may be revealing as to the overall problem.

@skybat asked you a question several days ago that has gone unanswered.

Few more things to try…
Reboot your computer.
If it exists, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client
Completely disable any VPN, anti-virus, firewall, or proxy, then try again?

I will try this ( I did not see it) and let you know.

I have of course rebooted.

Hopefully after you uninstalled.

No luck - All programme data has been deleted. Disabled all antivirus programmes Still same message
The first message looks for a non existent file. setup.msi

Grab the v8.2.1659.0 version from HERE… and run it.

No change, same message. I checked the PC for any folder or data call eM - Nothing to be found.
I don’t even have a setup.msi on the PC

If you are getting eg: windows programs pointing to temp folders and cannot find installation or uninstall files etc, you might also have some sort of registry issue or temp files problem.

Sometimes I find running the Windows troubleshooting tool which (works up to Windows 10) sometimes fixes those sort of things.

Failing that, I’d personally try a good freeware registry cleaner and also clear all the temp files. Then reboot again. If you do use a registry cleaner, do a system restore point first.

I tried the standard installed (windows 10) trouble-shooter but I can look for a new one. I have run CC cleaner and it showed no eM data in the registry after I had deleted the programme via programme deletion in system folder. I tried system restore but I got the message restore failed. I tried two other dates and they also failed to function.

This fix Problems programme is looking good. I will let you know.

If you have no registry issues, I would next then suggest to try creating a new Windows profile and see if eM Client will install in there as could be your current user profile has a problem somewhere.

Your programme Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed worked.
Thank you both for your help