Reinstall eM Client and relaoding old emails

My computer suddenly crashed so I had to reinstall everything.

I could not get eM to link to my old account so I have set it up from fresh.

How can I
either (i) import all the saved mails from my previous account
or (ii) link my newly installed eM to my previous account thus resurrecting all my saved emails

I could not get eM to link to my old account so I have set it up from fresh.

What type of old account did you try to connect to ? eg: POP, IMAP, Exchange, iCloud etc and what errors did you get when you tried ?.

How can I import all the saved mails from my previous account.

You can import exported email via “Menu / File / Import” option.

before I did a clean reinstallation of the Windows 11 OS on my computer I copied all my important files and documents to a backup drive, So on the backup drive I have the old eM Client folder normally saved at C:\users\me\Appdata\Roaming\eM Client

When I compare the old eM Client folder to the one newly created by the new installation process I see that the old folder is missing the folder named with 32 (random to me!) alphanumeric characters.

If I try to use this folder for eM Client it is completely ignored and I just get the fresh installation window with one welcome email,

What I would like to do, I suppose, is either
(i) to “amalgamate” the two folders (highly unlikely) and then use it as my eM Client folder
(ii) import folders and email stored within it into my new account. The problem, as I see it, is that they are in the normal format and not in the saved or backup format.

As you can guess I know almost nothing about the inner workings of eM Client and this is a great hindrance to me.

Unfortunately you can’t do that,

Unfortunately you can’t do that.

The database is the complete C:\users\me\Appdata\Roaming\eM Client\ folder. You can’t use individual folders from that database in another database.

Simply delete the current database and then replace it with the one from before the reinstall of Windows, and that will load the original database.