regular mails are dropped in junk mail

eM-client Version 6.0.24928.0: since some days regular mails from my contacts are dropped in the junk mail binder. What’s the criterias for that and how to correct this?

This can happen a couple of ways:

  1.  The email provider may have a spam filter that puts these items in the spam folder and eM Client merely syncs to this (this is certainly how gmail works).

  2.   Within em Client you can “blacklist” a sender and it will go to spam.

eM Client itself does not have a spam service that checks for spam, So generally, if you want to “white-list” a sender, it must be done using the provider’s web interface.  If you accidentally blacklisted someone in eM Client, you can edit the “Blacklist” rule and delete the entry.

Hope this helps.

>> eM Client itself does not have a spam service that checks for spam

Jay Ogram — I would understand this with Gmail, but it also happens with my POP3 account and I find it kind of baffling. I subscribe to the Spam Arrest service. I have all mail to the POP3 account first go through that company’s server. Mail from all whitelisted addresses goes straight into Inbox there — and eM Client downloads from the Spam Arrest inbox. Any mail that Spam Arrest finds suspicious, it puts into a different folder on its server. eM Client does not download that “sidetracked” mail.

Yet some items that have arrived in the Spam Arrest inbox still end up in eM Client’s Junk Mail folder. I know eM Client doesn’t have its own spam filter, and I can’t figure out what criteria it uses to send some mail, already deemed acceptable by Spam Arrest, into Junk Mail. I haven’t blacklisted any of those addresses, and I don’t have inbox rules acting on them.