[Regression] Can't set mail as read from list in eM Client 9 Beta

Hello forum,
in the latest beta 9.0.599 (c9da110) you cannot set e-mails as read or unread from the e-mail list, since the flagging button is overlapping the read status button.


  1. Unread message.
  2. When trying to mark the message as read, the message read button disappears. You can only flag/mark the message.

In eM Client 8, it was possible to set messages as read or unread this way, without having to open an extra menu, so this is a regression in the new version.

Report it to testing@emclient.com

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This option was removed in version 9 because of the sender’s avatar.

You can disable the avatar and get the read dot back again. To do that right-click on the column header and choose Columns Configuration. Remove the Avatar item from the right list.

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Thanks, I enabled the option and seems to be back to normal again.

I understand that the new avatar takes up space, but this shouldn’t remove a basic option, especially when the horizontal space is still being used by the flaging button and the unread indicator anyways.

To improve user experience I would recommend keeping the option in the settings menu enabled as a default - users coming from other applications or even web clients would get the impression that the feature is not available, even though it looks like it would be there when the email is unread or when hovering about the listing.

To enable the small round read icon and (still have the Avatar and flag icon), in the latest official V9 Beta 2 via the version history page, go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Read” and enable the option - “Always show Read & Flagged icon on mouse hover”.

Then when you hover your mouse above the flag you will again see the small round read icon to click.

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Today’s beta release (9.0.661) offers this option in Settings, so you have the dot even with the sender’s avatar:


Where can I download the version 9.0.661? I don’t see it in the release notes.

It is not public. There will probably be another beta (more recent than that) released during the week.

The problem is corrected in public version 9.0.790 released yesterday.
Do not forget to check the option indicated by Gary (Always show “Read…”).

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