refreshing time calender


i just installed emclient and i am very satisfied with this Client.

but there is one Thing that i haven’t unterstand yet.

is it possible to configure the refreshing time for the calender?

i set up the Client with a Google account and i noticed that only the mails and contacs are updated immediatly in the Client, when i make changes on my android phone.

i already set the check up time for mails to 1 Minute, but this Setting doesn’t effect the calender Synchronisation.

thank you for helping me!

Hi Martin,

I believe the calendar is only updated when you click on the name of the calendar in the left column.

BTW: I think a refresh interval of 1 minute is too short … better to set it to 10 minutes or so.

eM Client’s calendar is re-synchronized each time you startup the application and when you open the calendar in the application, after you do so the calendar is re-synchronized with the server.


Hi Paul,

you’re right when you say that the calender is updating at Programm start. bun when i Switch between mail and celender view in the application the calender doesn’t sync with Google again. Is there a fix update interval for the calender coded in the application?