Refresh does not stop

Three days ago, I downloaded the eM Client program for the first time. I have two email accounts running off the program. One does not get used much, the other has heavy use with many years of emails. The email that does not get used much synched right away, and works fine. The email with heavy use has been synching for the past three days, and has a long delay (10-30 minutes) before receiving new emails. I need to be able to see emails as soon as they arrive, as I use this for work. Initially, I have Refresh set for “Synchronize Items at Start Up,” and have tried both “Synchronize every minute” as well as toggling off the synchronize time. But that email address will not stop refreshing. Any suggestions?

Is it trying to synchronize my old email as well as the new each refresh cycle? Is there a way to have it only refresh and look for new email while archiving the old so it doesn’t have to go through all the old emails each time? I’ve tried many of the suggestions already listed in this forum, but can’t get the refresh to stop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m wondering if I just have my settings wrong. Thank you!

If it’s a very large eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account where eM Client is only reading the mail headers by default it can initially take along time depending on the size of your cloud mailbox.

How many messages / emails do you have on the server in this specific mailbox account?

Thank you for your help, cyberzork, it’s greatly appreciated!

I pulled up my email account on another computer, and it looks like I have about 35,000 “read” emails under that email address, not including the ones in the “sent” folder. Do you think it is still trying to sync these emails from my initial download of the eM Client three days ago, or does it try to download each time it syncs?

For that amount of messages yes i suspect its still syncing and not all completed yet.

Once they are all synced locally though in eM Client, when you get new eg: IMAP email arrive in your inbox, each email normally will only take a few seconds to initally read, but can sometimes take longer depending on what’s in the body of the email.

So if you have eg: lots of highres pics and / or maybe alot of Remote http: data loading in the body of the email it might take longer. So all depends on what is in the contents of the emails as to how long emails take to load.

You can speed up the local reading process though by going to “Menu / Accounts” and clicking on an “IMAP” Tab and enabling the below two check boxes under “Sync Options” to “Download messages for offline use” including attachments. Example Gmail IMAP account below.

Thank you very much for your help. I went ahead and made the update to the Sync Options you suggested. I will just let the sync run for a longer time period until it catches up with all the past emails. Have a wonderful evening!