reducing file size when attaching photos

I have recently moved from Windows Live Mail to emClient and had to attach some photos to an email reply that I was sending. Unfortunately, this resulted in an 8MB email as emClient didn’t seem to provide a way to reduce the file sizes, which is something that I am used to with Windowns Live Mail.

Having looked through the forum, the most recent discussion I could find about this was from 2 years ago, which suggested selecting the photos in explorer and doing a “Send To -> Mail Recipient”, which works ok, but isn’t any use if you wish to include photos in a reply, rather than a new email.

As this discussion was 2 years ago, I wanted to check whether anything has changed since then and whether emClient now supports this feature, and if so, how do I use it?


I think with eM Client you need to resize your photos first.  However, a simple workaround is:

  1. In File Explorer, select photos, Send to > Mail recipient (resizing as required)

  2. When the new email appears in eM Client, select all the attachments, right click on the selection > Copy

  3. Close the new email, not saving it

  4. In the Reply message - Menu > Edit > Paste

Those resized photos will be pasted as attachments

Thanks John - I hadn’t thought of the cut & paste from a temporary email idea.

Seems a shame that this functionality is missing though, as the product seems to be pretty impressive apart from that.