Red Warning Triangle

Sine the last Windows 10 update I keep getting the red warning triangle but when I say send and receive it clears, receives and sends then the triangle re-appears, Is there an easy fix?

Can you share the error message associated with the notification icon and your ISP/mail host?

It is “connection failed”, and I use Sky (effectively Yahoo)

Suggestions (do one at a time):

Ensure you are running current version from here

Turn off anti-virus temporarily

Disable VPN, if you use one

Check with SKY to see if they have any posted information relevant to your problem including ensuring your settings for IMAP/POP3 in eMC conform to SKY requirements.

Finally, consider running backup from eMC, uninstalling (DO NOT DELETE THE DATABASE) and reinstalling the current version of eMC from here

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Apart from disabling Anti-Virus and/or VPN’s to test & upgrading to the latest version of EMC as @sunriseal advised above, If reinstalling eM Client makes no difference to the red issue and you have a Yahoo IMAP account (Non POP) account, then i would remove the Yahoo account and set it up as new again in EMC using the “Automatic Wizard” setup.

I’ve seen other customers in this forum who were getting weird errors when there was an autho problem with Yahoo itself, and removing and re-adding via the auto wizard setup fixed that.

Do a backup first though via “Menu / Backup” in EMC just incase you need to revert back again.