Red triangle with exclamation symbol connection warning on mailbox

Hi, we are trialing eM client as an alternative to Outlook in our organisation.
We have an on premise Microsoft Exchange Server (2013) an everything appears to be working correctly apart from a red triangle with a exclamation mark which appears next to the mailbox name.

If selected it turns in to progress circle and then dissapears, only to return 30 seconds later. Which is a bit disconcerting and will generate a lot of questions from our users.
Is there some troubleshooting guide or logs I can look at to remedy.
The operations window shows no errors.

The red triangle indicates a connection issue, which you might find mentioned in the Operations window in the Log tab.

Thanks Gary, but there isn’t any issues reported in the Operations error window.

Further investigation shows the below error just after syncing the calendar.

MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: The DateStart property must come before the DateEnd property. (Parameter ‘dateStart’)

I did find another response of yours with this error in “Exchange/Office 365 Calendar Sync issue (Macos 10.15.1)” with advice to open a ticket with the Pro support team.

We are still in the trial phase and the symbol doesn’t appear on several other accounts.
So will contine on, happy with how it is going so far.