Red triangle whenever trying to use offline functionality

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Let’s keep it plain and simple: eM client causes problemes with different IMAP-Accounts whenever i set the option to “…download messages for offline usage…”

Windows 10 Home x64 (auto. update)
Windows 10 Pro x64 (auto. update)
eM client 8.1.1060 (ae1b098)
1 exchange-account via EWS (Microsoft) --> working fine
1 IMAP-account (Microsoft) --> working fine
1 IMAP-account ( --> RED TRIANGLE

Further description:
I tried severall settings (different servers and ports) on ALL accounts (not only the ones which cause problems).
It is not a problem to receive eMails. All of them (at least the header) are received into eM client. The red triangle shows up AFTER eMails have been downloaded.
Aside from the red triangle (or maybe this issue is connected with it) there are eMails who doesn’t open respectively are blank (no content within).

On some messages i got the following notification (translated): “The message hasn’t been downloaded”. You are not connected with the server". --> Next to this sentance is an option to “Download message”. By clicking on this, after a while nothing happens and the eMail remains blank without content. But instead of above sentance it displays “Message will be downloaded, as soon you are online again.”
Funny side fact: On the righter section in eM client (Chat-Section) it shows for that account that i am “ONLINE”

I cannot tell something about a prober useability of eM client because of a very poor performance when opening eMails. I was hoping to solve this by using the offline functionality…

My free time to get some experience with eM client is running out. Altough i like the programm, this problems need to be solved before decide to buy licences.

Can anyone please help? What kind of protocol do you want me to post (if so)?

Thanks and kind regards!

Here’s what this red triangle is all about:
(translated: Connection attempt was not successful. Could be due to temporarily non-availabilty of the server or incorrect settings…)



Please try exiting your antivirus/ add an exception in your Windows firewall/Antivirus program. Could you also send me the logs from (Menu->Operations->Logs) to ?


Solution was to untick an option in my antivirus-program, so that encryptes e-mail-traffic (SSL) is not longer surveyed.

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