Red triangle next to multiple email accounts and error in log for one of those

Hello. Love your email client thus far, but I need to get something figured out here.

  1. I have a red triangle next to a couple different accounts (my hotmail and outlook emails addresses) that goes away as soon as I click on it (it re-fetches the mails) or just click on “Refresh”. Once the mails are fetched, the triangle disappears until the next time…This has been happening since I installed the software about a week ago or so. Maybe 2 weeks ago.

  2. I have an error in the operations log and I took a screenshot of it and attached for your review. Please note, I’m not sure these two issues are immediately related as the first issue is happening on both my hotmail address and the outlook address. However, the error is only for the outlook address.

How can I fix these issues?  Thank you so much for your help. It is truly appreciated. Have a great day!


The most recent update available to download from the Release History has many fixes. If you are not already using it, please download and install it. See if there is any difference.

Hello. Thank you for the reply. I already have the most current version. Just checked…


Is Pefunk’s comment of any use at

AH!  The app password!  I forgot that Microsoft did that. Thank you Gary. Let me try that and see if that resolves the issue!  :slight_smile:


OK, so I checked the other day and it’s already in my Microsoft account as an app…and, btw, I just received an update today for eM Client. Problem still persists. M.