Red Triangle and Offline Mode

Since last Update im having this problem, When the eMClient starts it connects to my mail server and brings all new mails, therefore IT IS NOT a connectivity problem, around 10-15 seconds after that it shows the red triangle and says something about Updates, but i just updated the darn thing a couple days ago!!!, then eMClient enter offline mode, the red triangle shows and REFUSES to load any new mail, until i quit the program (right click on task bar) and start it again.
This is VERY ANOYING, im gonna downgrade to version 7 to see if it solves the problem and if it doesnt i may have to move to another mail software, that would be a shame.

Yup, version 7 works flawlessly. However…
I lost my contacts, mail history and a lot of information
Got a backup i made a year ago, but still is a big loss, thank you very much v8 developers!

I get this a lot too.

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Some dumb developer put a Software Updates check in the threat that is used to send and receive mails, and this updates check FAILS A LOT, then the dumber put a mandatory condition that if the updates check fails then the whole client shuts down, that’s stupidity as its best.

Lucky version 7 doesnt have that garbage, i still lost a lot of information due this.