Recurring XMPP Error Message

I’m running eMClient 6.0.20154.0 on a Windows 8.1 machine. For some time now I’ve been getting frequent XMPP error messages about being unable to connect to my email address. Can you tell me why I’m getting these and how to stop them? Thanks!

Hi, what mail service are you using?
Could you make a screenshot of the error message, you’re receiving?

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Hi, Paul – I’m using gmail. I can’t find a way to actually get you a screenshot, since I can’t reply to your email or paste my screen captures into this forum format. Any suggestions how to get it to you next time it pops up?

Further info on the problem: the error message doesn’t occur every time I use emClient or every time it synchronizes folders. But it occurs frequently, and it tells me to check my account settings. I’ve done that, and I can’t find anything in my account settings that even pertains to XXMP other than a checkbox on the Diagnostics tab to enable logging. I don’t even know what XXMP is or what emClient is trying to do with it.


Hi, I’d really need to see the error message, you can post screenshots here on the forum, just click on the camera button while adding a new reply and you can upload images from your computer.

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Hi Paul,

do you notice how many people don’t know how to add an image / screen shot to a post here on the forum?

In the previous forum layout it was more obvious how to do that.

I think there should be hints for the icons (like the camera icon), explaining the function of those icons.

And maybe there should be a more obvious [add image] button, with just normal text.

Hi, Paul – Here’s the screen shot you requested of the XMPP error I keep getting.

Hi, XMPP is a protocol allowing chat on your account, the error is caused by minor connectivity issues (the connection is dropped before a new one can be established) so it should be working even when this error is displayed.

If you’re not using the chat feature on your gmail account, you can simply disable it by going offline or go to Tools > Account > your Gmail account > Chat tab, and uncheck the “enable service” button.

Save the settings and you should see no more errors.

Hope this helps,

OK. Thanks, Paul. Not sure why, after months and months, this suddenly started happening, but it sounds like it’s probably an issue with Verizon (my ISP) and not a configuration or code error in eM Client. I appreciate your interest and time in resolving this for me.

Hi again, these issue might occur, when minor changes are made to the protocol on your service provider’s side… I hope it works out fine.

Let me know if you have any other issues or questions about the app, we’ll be happy to resolve it.

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