Recurring tasks not saving due date or syncing due date with Google Tasks

I’m having a big problem with recurring tasks and the sync with Google Tasks. I am using the beta Em Client V. 7, specifically v. 7.0.25432.0
EMClient requires a start date to be entered and “checked” for a recurring task, which does NOT sync with Google Tasks (understandable since Google Tasks doesn’t have a “Start Date” data field).  However, every time I “check” the due date option and enter a valid due date, it doesn’t save.  This does make some sense, as a recurring tasks due date changes every time period.

PROBLEM:  With only a start date and no due date, recurring tasks sync with Google Tasks without any date at all.  Thus, when they sync up to my Android devices, the don’t appear on my agenda, those calendars, etc…because they have no due date.  THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM!

One-time tasks with or without a start date sync just fine, as long as they have a due date.

While I’m at it…Google Tasks is a crappy, half-finished application, but the one thing they got right (sort of) is displaying tasks in all calendar views along with the events.  I would request the same.  God knows Google isn’t going to do a damned thing to improve Tasks…hell they haven’t updated the web Calendar app in 5 years!!!

Every serious productivity book, program, guru, etc…will tell you you have to plan and work with events and tasks together.  Since the smartphone revolution, this has been a disaster.  All the tech giants (Microsoft, Google, etc) ignore tasks or give the public over-simple options, often that don’t sync with anything. Unfortunately when using Android devices, using Google Tasks is almost necessary for syncing to devices.  I’ve tried many, many apps and work arounds.  Using EM Client is one of those solutions to make life easier., but UGH!!!  HELP

Hello Spike,
can you please upgrade to the latest version 7 found here on our blog and see if the issue is still the same?
Thank you.


Thank you for the reply

I have upgraded to eM Client 7.0.26356 as requested. The issue is the same.

Recurring tasks have a Due Date in eM Client, but it is “grayed out” and you can’t “check” the selection box (you can , but it disappears when you SAVE the task). No Due Date syncs to Google Tasks.

I Deleted a few tasks and added them back in to see if tasks added after the upgrade would have the same issue, which they do. So, result is, no change or fix for this issue.

I have had to enter recurring tasks as Calendar events as Gmail can’t cope with them otherwise.  I agree with your comments on task programs in general.