Recurring Tasks loosing dates

After launching eMClient I often find 3 or 4 recurring tasks at the top of my task list with no dates. There appears to be no reason for this, they can be tasks that recur weekly, monthly or yearly, with or without end dates or number of recurrences. Also it only affects some tasks and not all. 

Today when I launched eMClient there were 4 tasks with no dates, I entered recurring data for these and then closed the app. On relaunching 4 different tasks appeared at the top of the list. Is there a problem with dates being lost during start up or shutdown?

 I’m using version  7.2.38682.0

Who is the calendar provider? 

Can you upgrade to the latest 7.2.x version in the Release History and see if there is any difference. You might also want to try the version 8 beta that is listed there.

Hi Gary,

I tried the latest version of 7.2.x (7.2.38732.0), but it makes no difference. Some of my recurring tasks are still loosing their recurrence dates.

When I go into Google calendar and open up the Task window on the right hand side, non-recurring tasks show the correct dates, but there is no date information for any of my recurring tasks. I always set up recurring tasks in emClient, so maybe there’s a syncing problem. 

Will try the latest version 8 beta and let you know.

I tried this with vesion 8 beta, and it works fine in eM Cleint. However, when I view the tasks using the Google Calendar web interface, there are no recurring dates. But still, back in eM Cleint they are recurring.

I guess this must be some limitation with syncing details with Google Calendar.

Version 8 beta has the same problem as version 7.2. Recurring tasks set up in eMClient sometimes loose their dates when the task list is refreshed.

I’ve set up some recurring tasks in the Google Calendar web interface to see whether eMClient looses those dates as well and will let you know if there are any problems.  

Another issue with recurring tasks on V8 beta is that the option to select All recurrences, This and Future recurrences or the the Current recurrence is no longer available when opening a task in the task list. This means its not possible to edit the recurrence sequence once its been set.   

 For issue with the beta, send feedback to

Hi, for recuring Task created for event is shows day in other language than eM client is set for. On top of it first day isnt Monday, it should be repaired, thanks. David
utery is Tuesady, Monday/Pondeli is third day in the popup window

Surio, can you send your comments about beta versions to

Sorry, this int for beta but for 8.0.1372 version, normal one, thanks

8.0.1372 is a beta. 

OK, thanks

Hi Gary, I have some more information that may help you solve my original problem. A week or so ago I deleted 3 to 4 years worth of completed tasks. I’m not sure how many, but certainly in the hundreds. Since then none of my recurring tasks have lost their dates. It seems like an occasional clean up is needed… 

I’ll contact as well

I upgraded to 8.0.2891 yesterday and today several recurring tasks were sitting at the top of the task list without dates. Other tasks were ok with correct dates and recurrance.