Recurring "No valid License " message.

I keep getting a message that my account is not activated, even after I reactivate. 3 free accounts on 3 machines and all 3 do the same thing.

@Arthur Thomas

Hi Arthur,

Are the 3 free accounts registered with eM Client .com  under 3 different names
and 3 different email addresses?

If not. you’re in violation of the EULA for the free version
It’s 1 account. 1 license per device and 2 email accounts per eM Cient program installation.

Anything different and you’re running afoul of the EULA.

One desktop and one laptop under my account with one email address and one desktop with my wife’s email address. 

Each device is a separate license and download.

Correction one account, two machines, two email accounts.


“Correction one account, two machines , two email accounts.”

You can see the problem, unless my description isn’t clear enough for you.

Your wife’s  computer should be OK, unless her account with eM
is similar to your account with them.
Account with eM is when you first registered with them to pick up
your free licence.

For each license your (the) email address should be different.

The 2 email accounts within eM Client have nothing to do with the license.
(unless they are business related - In that case, they are not allowed with a free license)