Recurring meetings from Exchange have the wrong time (all at midnight)

I set up my account to point to our Office 365 Exchange server and all the recurring meetings on my calendar lose their start time on the eM calendar. They all show up with a midnight start time.


What exchange server version do you use? And could you send me 1 or 2 of those events exported into .ics to [email protected] with this topic’s url in subject?


Requested email with examples sent.

Hi, I have received your email I will forward it to developers.


hey i have the same issue. what i see is all the recurring meeting starts at 00:00 hrs in the midnight. non-recurring meeting are looking good though. is there a setting that can fix this?

but the recurring meeting that are created using em clinet they look good. its the only those that are created prior to using em client.

I have the same issue. Exchange server is Office 365.

  • Existing recurring appointments (created elsewhere) show up at midnight (12:00AM).
  • Using emClient to save a recurring appointment (either new or previously created) seems to work as expected.

I have the same problem as well. I’m glad I found this topic because I thought they weren’t showing up at all until I checked midnight. Looking forward to a fix as this is a game stopper for using the calendar with exchange server.

for the time being till the time emclient fixes the bug i am using thunderbird calendar for exchange and it works perfectly need to install the exchange plug-in

Any updates when this will be fixed or config that we need to setup.

Hi, unfortunately I have not received any information yet, it can take time until it will be resolved.


This seems like an important problem - seems odd not to have it prioritized. Doesn’t this affect all users that wants to use it with an Exchange server? Half of the business market? For me at least, this is the one remaining issue for me to use it - it solves the problem of mixing my work plan with my private plan - which is very high value to me atleast!

Hi, users who do business must have pro license so we attend them sooner on our paid support system, but of course we listen to all users, even to users who use eM Client for home purposes with free license, at minimum we accept logs and informations about their issue and then put it under test and repair.

Anyway this issue does not affect everyone, most likely it will be some issue on server’s side. But we will release new update soon and there are some changes about Exchange server so it is most likely that it will help with your issue too.


Fair enough, thanks for the additional information Jan (and quick response)!

you are welcome, but no need to thank me yet if your issue is not solved :slight_smile: We should release it this week so I hope it will help you fast.


Perfect - if you have a beta build or some other way for me to produce some information that might be helpful, let me know.

new patch has been release few minutes ago, so you might have received it already, if not then wait a while we release them to users gradually few by few.


Ok, I installed the update, which initially did not resolve the recurring meeting problem. I then deleted and added the Exchange account, which did fixed the issue…sort of. Most of my recurring meetings are now correct, but a couple of them are appearing 1 hour earlier than schedule. One-time meetings are ok.


I installed it yesterday, and re-added the exchange account, and what I could find of recurrent meetings were all correct. Well done guys!

I installed the new update today (after installing yesterday’s). Still seeing some recurring appointments appearing one hour earlier than normal. Here’s a clue to the problem: if I click on the appointment and view “This Occurrence”, the time is off by 1 hour; if I view the Series, the time is correct. Unfortunately, it displays using the incorrect time. As I noted above, this is only with some appointments. Many others are correct.

could you send me one or two of these incorrect events exported to .ics and send as attachment to [email protected] with this topic’s url?

I could also use exchange web services logs.