Recurring events on wrong date in Calendar


Trying out this, what seems to be a great product, eM Client.

However, I am having trouble with recurring events in Calendar.

I have setup a subcalendar to my gmail calendar called “work” as I work a rotating shift.
The shift rotates over 5 weeks and is then recurring from day one.

My problem is, whenever I have a workshift placed over friday-saturday-sunday, the entry for sunday gets placed on the PREVIOUS week. Its very strange, and no matter how I try, it gets placed on previous sunday.

As an example:
If I have work on 29, 30 and 31 of March
The recurring event is made as “every friday, saturday and sunday every fifth week”
However, when looking in the calendar the entry is ok for friday 29 and saturday 30 but sunday is placed on 24th of March.

I have set the “first day of week” to start on mondays, but cannot find any other settings for when new week starts.

Any solution?


Strange, I could not simulate it. Can you please send me the problematic event saved as .ics? Thank you.
[email protected]

I sent you an email a few days ago, hope you got it.