Recurring events: "Change future occurrences"

I am working with recurring events very often. Sometimes, e. g. the day or the time of an weekly recurring event changes in future, and I want to change the future occurrences without losing the past occurrences as they took place. So I neither can use “this occurrence”, because I had to do that for all single future occurrences, nor “the series”, because this changes all occurrences in future AND past. Using an apple calendar with Mac or iPhone, one can choose “change only future occurrences”, and this is a very comfortable function for me. Please provide this function in eM Client!

Hello Tomedius,
thank you for your input with this idea, and we agree this is an important feature - that is why it is already implemented in version 7.
Version 7 is still in its Alpha testing phase though and as we try to quickly finish it, we do not plan to put this feature in version 6.
Thank you for your patience until then.


Hello Olivia,
I am glad to hear that this feature is going to be implemented in eM Client. I still use my old iPod just for changing recurring events. I am looking forward to using this feature, when will version 7 be available?
Regards, Tomedius

Hi Tomedius,
unfortunately I can’t say anything about the release yet, but all information will be on our webpage, facebook ( and twitter( as soon as it’s available.

Best regards,

Hello Olivia,
I was looking forward very much to getting the new features of version 7, especially the possibility to change only future occurences of a recurring event. Now I am using version 7, and I must say, that this feature does not work!
I just tried to change a recurring event, but at first, eM Client checks events in the past and changes them, too. Second, eM Client invents a new event with the changed data, but does not delete the original events, so now I have two events at the same time, the original one and the changed one.
I hope, you get fixed that soon, otherwise this feature will be useless.
Regards, tomedius

This appears to be a problem. By using the Open this and future events, version 7 changed the data in all my past events :frowning: I have - wrong, HAD, some pretty important data I was updating monthly - Gone?!!