Recurring error message

I am a generally happy user of eM Client, but my only gripe is that I continue to get error messages to do with connecting to the server.

99% of the time the system works great, but I am starting to find it tedious having to get rid of this message so frequently…is there anything I can do!?

Hi James, are you having any issues while sending/receiving messages with eM Client? This error can also be thrown in case of slight connectivity issues between the client and the server, which however should have no effect on the functionality as the application should be able to reconnect immediately.

In case you’re having any issues with the receiving, please switch to the log tab in Operations, copy the content of the log when the error occurs and submit the content of the log to us here on the forum.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, I don’t seem to have any issues sending or receiving…every now and then it is a bit slow but nothing disastrous. I would just love to find a way to stop the error message popping up so often when seemingly nothing is wrong!

Hi again James, if you’re not having any issues with a missing content, you can disable these popups from showing in your application settings under Tools > Settings > General by unchecking the option “Show window when an error occurs”.

Hope this helps,

Perfect, cheers