Recurring calendar event: not updating date

Once the recurring event has passed, it still shows the previous date under the ‘last week’ section of the agenda.

Example: Recurring event every Monday, 10am - the agenda is showing last week’s event on Monday Nov 9th at 10am, but there is nothing under the agenda section for ‘today’

Screenshot 2020-11-16 104243

Is there a way for the date to update and show the correct upcoming date, in the correct section of the agenda?

It’s looking more and more like there’s no solution to this :crazy_face:

I think it may just be that no other users have experienced the issue, so no one can comment on it. Or no one who has experienced the issue has seen your post yet, which is more likely.

I have personally never used the agenda view in the calendar section, so can’t help you there. Sorry Morgan.

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I’ve just joined the forum and I didn’t know it had been posted on.

It’s irritating that the Agenda View doesn’t update recurring events and put them in the right place. I would like the Agenda View to be useful, but it’s not because of this. I want to see my agenda at a glance without scrolling up and down in my calendar (which has items that don’t always fit in the window).

Recurring meetings show up in the wrong place – at the date they were created, not at the next occurrence.

It would solve this if there were another date of the “Next Occurrence” that could be included in the Agenda columns.


Once the recurring event has passed, it still shows the previous date under the ‘last week’ section of the agenda

Is this with a local calendar or remote account cloud calendar ?

If it is a remote cloud calendar, which one are you using ?

An Agenda is not a calendar. Rather, it is a list of individual events. If the event is recurring, it will have an icon to indicate that, but it is till just one event so will display it like that.

If you want to see a view that shows what days recurring events are scheduled to appear, use the Calendar view instead.

Isn’t an agenda just a list of calendar events I have for the day with their times and no spaces between appointments? (8:30 AM meeting, 12:00 PM lunch, 1:00 PM meeting, 2:00 PM focused work)

A calendar view includes unallocated time and requires scrolling through those blanks to see the full day. A recurring event should show up in that agenda view, otherwise it’s not an agenda.

I have an agenda app on my phone. Maybe I should just stick with that and ignore the agenda view on the eM Client. (But it seems dumb since I’m literally looking at my desktop email with an agenda on the right.)

[Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Keep those mousies scrolling. Rawhide!]