Recurrent calendar recurrences and junk email from myself?

I have been using eM Client since late May to replace Windows Live Mail. I’m using version 6.0.24928.0. I have an MSN email that was recently converted to Outlook mail.  Prior to this, my calendar synced perfectly.  Now, however, anything that I set up as a recurrence will reappear even after I delete an occurrence of it.  When I log into Outlook mail, the occurrence I deleted is gone but keeps popping up in eM Client no matter how many times I delete them.  I have tried a repair and that actually made things worse by making some of the occurrences that are all day events into 2-day events. 

Another issue I’ve had since the conversion is that if I copy myself on an email I send in eM Client, I receive it in the Junk email folder.  If I send that same email from Outlook web mail, it arrives correctly in my inbox.  Therefore, I set up a rule in eM Client for emails from myself to go to my inbox but they still go to Junk!  I also have myself set up as a contact, and double checked the blacklist and I am not on it.  Baffled by these 2 issues. 

I keep deleting the occurrences that happened in the past in eM Client and they keep reappearing.  When I go to outlook web mail, they are not there.  I thought the calendar in eM Client synced up with my outlook calendar?