Recovering from backup

I have an emclient backup. I am triying to use it to recover sent emails, that dissapeared in gmail too, including in the thrash folder. I can see that em client recover Sent emails but, after some seconds it dissapear again, may be because the synck operation with Gmail. Is there a way to recover it definitively?
Thanks a lot.

If you disconnect the computer from the Internet before the restore, then once eM Client restarts after the restore, move the sent messages you want to keep to Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible, you can enable them using Menu > Settings > General > Geral > Show Local Folders.

Reconnect to the Internet and allow eM Client to sync. When that is done, you can move the sent message from the Local Folders to the Sent folder in the Gmail account.

Justo be sure:

  1. Disconect from Internet.
  2. Recover the eM Client backup
  3. Move the Send emails to Local ( in eM Client)
  4. Reconnect internet
  5. Move the messages from Local to Send ( in eM Client) to sync with Gmail
    is that right?

Yes, that is correct.

It is working. Now is syncing to gmail. Thanks a lot.