Recover Lost Email

Hi my emails were lost when I deleted the account.  I managed to copy most of the files inside roaming/emclient, some files were not copied because it there is a prompt that it is still being used. Since there was still a big file size (5GB) inside roaming/emclient, I was thinking my emails are still there. i tried to create the email accout again,  But then the emails were still not restored.  Next, I backup and restore but still my mails were still not restored. 

How can I recover my emails?  

Hi Jesse, by deleting your account from eM Client, you’re also removing the items that were downloaded through this account, unfortunately it is not possible to restore your data after you delete the account.

If you were using local data and your items were not synchronized with the mail server you’re using for hosting of your e-mail address, you won’t be able to restore these items. My best suggestion at this point would be synchronizing your items through an IMAP account, that way all your items are safely kept on the mail server and can be resynchronized at any time with any device.